Saturday, December 25, 2010

ChiChikie, Avant Garde, Iren, Yesss, L3S, Rain, Tara, Malfean Visions and TCB

Hello ladies on this lovely Christmas day :)
I went to a few shops to get some christmas presents for you all...first one was ChiChikie, one of my fav hair shops. There are 3 presents under the tree.
And there is the POE hunt present. And there is the SLD hunt present.

Then I went to Avant Garde and got some lovely earrings there. They have a skin sale, all skins are 10 L. And you get free eyes there too.


Iren is special, I got cute shirts, and hair, and a necklace. You need to be in the group though (joining is free). From their MM board I got the cute shoes :)


Yesss gives away 2 lovely Christmas Elf outfits. With a cute hat with lights.

At L3S you also get 2 chistmas elves outfits. The one on the left is a gift IF you are in the FABFREE group.

Bubblez has these lovely necklaces as a groupgift :) BUT you can also find them on their Lucky Boards.

And Tara gives away these cute booties on their MM board.

The next booties I got also from a MM board at Malfean Visions.

TCB has these lovely earrings as a gift IF you are in the FABFREE group.
And that was the last thing for today ladies.


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