Saturday, December 11, 2010

Market Place is my personal Christmas Fair

Ladies it is almost Christmas and what is more comfortable than shopping at Market Place? There are so many designers giving away lovely gifts or dollabies.
So this is what I did: I made a hughe cup of hot chocolate and grabbed some cookies and strolled along Market place...
This most lovely gown is a freebie by Grim Bros.
I was wearing the free Christmas emitter with it, found HERE.
Kinda hard to see on the pic though.

Next shop I went to was Bargain Bazaar. They have many cute dollarbies, look below.

 The antlers are free too.

Next bargain wat from RTK, the dress is called Winter Doll. Comes with hat and shoes.
MoveEmotion has a few very sexy Xmas gifties.
You can find the sexy DRESS HERE.
And the cute hat was found HERE.
I found the HAPPY CHRISTMAS DRESS below here.

Nada gives you sexy Xmas lingeree.

So does Dafne Boutique, they give you a sexy dollarbie.

Milady gives you a very romantic gown and they also have very cute jewelry for Xmas. I love the candles in the hair.

Viviane gives you these GREAT 2011 sneakers for 1 L$.

This great Xmas hair is free too, it has red and white stripes.

I also found this übercute hat for 1 L$...but the BEST is at the bottom of this blog.

LOVE THESE ANTLERS and the BLINKING red nose !!!

Happy shopping ladies :)

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