Monday, December 27, 2010

Clothes,skins, hair and shoes but NO jewelry...sorry :)

Hello ladies, today I found kinda everything everywhere, so I am just going to start and you can pick out whatever you like :)
Aleida gives away a most gorgious Christmas gown so you have to be fast, no idea how long it will be there.

Calla has also a lot of Christmas gifts under the tree but they aren't free. They cost as much as their number, so #12 is 12 L$, #2 is 2 L$ and so on. I only got the really free ones and #1 (1l$). Calla also has a few lucky chairs.

This very cute coat and hat are by Donna Flora. The necklace is included, so are the shoes.

At Diavolicious I got quite a lot. They have many hunts going on and I found quite a few hunt items and freebies there. At the entrance look what hunt items you need to find for the different gifts. There are pics of the gifts also near the entrance.


This sexy white dressy is by DCNY. It will set you back 1 L$ but hey...the dress is soooo CUTE !

This is a dress from a lucky board at KKBB. They have also very cute shoes on their lucky boards, but I wasn't THAT lucky...

Diva has also a few lucky boards an YAY I was lucky there and got TWO hairs :) The bows are color change :)

Talking about lucky boards and lucky chairs: JE Republic has quite a lot of Lucky boards and I got a few new very cute dresses :)

Rubisoho also has quite a few lucky boards, but all with HAIR. I got this sexy blond hairdo from their Lucky Boards (group tag needed, joining is free)

Norman, the owner of FM shoes, pointed out he had a few freebies in the store and YAY I found them, cute stockings and übercute BOOTS !!! Thanks Norman !
Malt has this great red top as a freebie in their store. It is a group gift (joining is free) You can wear it in different ways.

YAY I went to HEARTSICK and I got so many gifts there. They have a cute skin at the stairs for free, and a cold skin with blue lips on the stall in the store. AND they have a box with a very nice dress with cute booties and a lot of skins as a group gift :) The skins come with 3 cleavage options AND YES YES YES with FRECKLES.

Skins come with the dress and booties as a group gift.
To enhance these very nice skins you can get a free enhancer at Nomine. There are cleavage enhancers inside, also face tattoos (beauty marks, eyeliner and freckles)
Nomine also gives away this lovely dress on their lucky chairs.

Just a few dresses from all over. Umi Usagi has this cute outfit on their Lucky Chairs.

Little Heaven gives you this nice bag as a freebie.

This most cute dress is from RAG is a subscribo or group gift (joining is free) Comes with necklace. LOVE it.

And finally the cute flats from Ingenue. It is a gift under the tree.


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