Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last time Halloween items...

Just a few more Halloween items more after today :)

First of all a lovely outfit WITH shoes by MdC. Sooo SEXY !

TikTok gives away a SCARY skin for group members ladies.

First one I found on Marketplace and it is by CandyNail. Comes with skin and clutch too...
I found some GREAT shoes to go with it on Marketplace too. These are by DbT.

The designers and shop owners at AMIRA sim have put loads of Halloween gifts on a table...WOW thank you all :)
DUH gives away lovely gold shoes. And Ingenue a lovely top.

Sable Rose gives away two lovely necklaces.
Snatch (l) and SYSY (r)  both give away a LOVELY dress.
All at AMIRA SIM ladies.

Vinyl Cafe has a GREAT new gift. Not quite a halloween gift but still lovely.
Jesse Keyes gives away a pirate freebie and a lovely bracelet (gay pride)

Last but not least Unique gives away a lovely witch dress on their MM board and in their Lucky Dip  :)

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