Saturday, October 16, 2010

Can't help it...everywhere I get Halloween items

OK Halloween it is again, but still I found a few other freebies so I will start with those.
I went to TGIS again and got 2 extra items. One is a gift from their fashion show and the oter is a lovely sweater. Both free :)

From the fashion show at TGIS
I did the Pumpkin Print Hunt (but I do not blog hunts, there are many others sites that show you the pics, try SL-Schn├Ą ...the link is in my favorite BLOGS on this page) but this dress I liked so much that I want to share it. It is like a piano dress :) and comes with shoes and jewelry. The shop where I got it is called Dressed by Lexi and you are looking for a black pumpkin (the LM leads you to it)

OK back to the Haloween stuff. I went to one of my fav hairshop: ChiChickie. They participate in 2 hunts and you get CRAZY hair and...something else which made me laugh and I am sure you will laugh too...
The other hunt item is to be found HERE. And you get this cat hair below.

Now if you are wondering where I got these awful skins? Well I went to a haunted house and there you get a load of freebies, all connected to Halloween. I didn't take them all, but you can ofcourse. Enjoy the haunted house, it is GREAT.

You can find the skins by Skinthesis HERE. You might land at the landing point. Take the broomstick to the haunted house. Then click the LM again and chose show on map. The red arrow will show you where I found it.

That is me at the haunted house. The netted dress I am wearing is by Rowanations and is found at the same LM as the skins.

These cute color change boots are by BabyMonkey and also found at the HAUNTED HOUSE.

Dead Bunny gives away this lovely skin with the stars on their MM board.
This cute dress comes with a long skirt too. It is by Allusions and found at the HAUNTED HOUSE.

This little red dress is by Dirty Kitty at the HAUNTED HOUSE.

These cute tops are by Cillian Angel and you find them at TWO locations in the HAUNTED HOUSE. BLACK and ORANGE.
And OMG they gave me something to make me feel like a NEWBIE again...a newbie head with hat....SCARY !!! (you can find it HERE)

Cillian Angel also participates in the Black Cat hunt and it is in their STORE. You will get this lovely outfit if you find the cat.

And this cute outfit is given away by STC. WOW isnt'that great for Halloween? It comes with a skin but it didn't rez you have to do with my own skin (which is not free).
Enjoy your new outfits and the shopping to get them ladies :)

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