Monday, October 11, 2010

A&A, Vinyl Cafe, KKBB and many more

OK you all know I LOVE I am going to start with one of my favorite shops: A&A.
I went to their place and they have PLENTY MM boards just walk up and down their store, click them, invite your friends to click and you all get lovely free hairs !

Next are the feebies at the Vinyl Cafe at the Dominion. Lovely feather dresses.

~~KKBB~~ gives away a few very nice dresses too, they are on the MM board

The next clothes I found on Market Place again and I will add the URLs to the clothes.

These 3 are by EDIKA and you can find them HERE. (all 3)

The next cute shoes are by Basevi and you can find them HERE.

 Grim Bros gives away a cute Halloween like dress...but the goth ladies will love it too I think.

And Moulliez has another Halloween gift and a cute dress too.

These boots are on the MM boards by Tara.

And these cute shoes are by Chelly.

And last thing I found are a few nice shoes (not sculpted, so don't expect too much, but they are free) They are by Plausible Body.


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