Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jewelry, skins and LaRosa hunting.

Hello girls. I found myself looking in my inventory and wondering if my fav jewelers shops had something new to offer. And what do you think? They DO !

Mariposa has a new item in their Lucky chair and also in their MM board. AND they have some great bangles for free at the front of their store.

The necklace set on the left is Aubade and free at the front of the shop and the one on the right, Jaded, is new on the LC.
The free bracelets at the front of the store.

And this one is new on the MM board.
NaNa gives away free jewelry too, a lovely starry necklace Stella, a freebie with the SL sign and I got one from their MM board called Earth Inside (the right one)

Then I went to Burroughs. I wasn;t very lucky at theitr lucky chairs but maybe you are. They have a lovely freebie in store next to the Lucky chairs.

Ohhh yes...INKA skins has 1000 group members and Inka gives away a free girls skin AND a set of great GUYS skins too. Thank you so much INKA.

I couldn't resist wearing it :) The eyes are included and it is quite strange to see myself with dark eyes.
I went to [ a.e.meth ] and got this great make-up thing. I love painting :)
I also got these leggings at Lurani. It was quite strange because on their note the pic on the left was shown. I thought I would get a dress. But it was only a legging, still a nice gift but I thought the note was not clear about it.
At LaRosa you get 2 cute freebie Halloween outfits. AND there is a hunt going on. Find the pumpkin, touch it and get a present and the LM to the next location. They are pretty easy to find and I am showing just a few of the itmes inside the pumpkins on the different locations below. The HAIR is included with the halloween gifts. The SHOES and boots are included with all items shown.

The free Halloween outfits.



Happy shopping ladies :)

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