Friday, October 15, 2010

A few Freebies but mainly HALLOWEEEEEENNNN

Hello fashionistas who visit my blog.
I found a few very nice gifts but I spend most of my time on the freebie Holloween I got so many things and didn't even take all...
This lovely gown on the left is a Pumpkin Print hunt gift at Sascha's Design. The pumpkin can be found on the Temptation look for those :)

Next gift is a T-shirt form ODB (you get it when you enter the store and chose gift in the blue window)

At Badoura is an Apple Bob thing where I got this lovely outfit.

From BabyMonkey I got these lovele bracelets and necklace as a (group) halloween gift. Thanks Pixie :)

At the Dominion Vinyl cafe is giving away a lovely latex outfit for group members.

Yes that is me wearing it.

And I got lucky on the lucky chair at Sarah's a lovely blue gown :) The jewelry is by Ganked and not free, but GREAT !!!

On to the HALLLOWEEN FAIR where you get sooo many freebies. It is in the first floor (for the european ladies) and on the second floor for the USA ladies (same floor, just a different name)
Walk around and take whatever you like ! (Clothes, shoes, jewelry and a skin !)

All these items and more at the free HALLOWEEN FAIR.

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