Monday, November 1, 2010

The day after Halloween :)

I really hope you all had a lovely Halloween and you didn't get too much sugar. In the meanwhile (we do not celebrate Halloween) I found a few nice goodies for you :)

I went to Ibizarre and got a few nice freebies from them.

Lovely pupple dress

Very cute sneakers
a skirt and 2 shirts (different gifts)...OK I admit they do not match very well but I wanted to show you all at the same fault :).

Next stop was at WD(Wolfmoon) where a got a few lovely tops :) They give away a monthly gift.

The May gift

The July gift

Ofcourse the October gift and below the September gift on the right. You also get a free set of all colors pasties (on the left below)

and very cute boots :)

A.E.METH has 2 lovely dollarbies (actually they have more, I just bought 2)

Last stop for today is Aidoru. I got 2 lovely bracelets and a key thingie (no clue what to do with it though) from their click board (wait till the pic appears, then click a questionmark)
The bracelet I got

OK just ONE more...the dress that goes so well with the bracelet in green is by LC and I found it on Marketplace HERE.

And the hair I am wearing on the pic is by Ayline and free too.

Comes in all colors.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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