Monday, October 4, 2010

Ooops...that was MARKETstreet and not XLstreet, stupid me


Sorry girls, my mistake. The links on the blog go to MARKETstreet and not to XLStreet ofcourse (which closes on the 6th. of October).

A few more goodies from the web...first of all some Halloween stuf I found:

This dress is by Grim Bros Fashion and the hair is by Edelstore.
This is the Kabuki pose

This dress is by Moulliez

This dress is a group gift by SLC
I love the Kabuki one...scary !!! and the other dresses are cute :)
And I found a BAT necklace by ALIENBEAR !
And I know it is early, but I found this lovely gown, perfect for X mas.

The gown is by Misty Costume

Next a few nice shoes and boots...from workboots to sexy high heeled sandals...take your pick.

The red shoes are by Lady Melody shoes.
The red and purple shoes are by Celeboot.
The brown work boots are by an unknown designer.
The black knee high boots are by Tuty's and Mr.Sigmund.
The cute red sandals are by Pure.

Last items are jewelry again ladies...just go for what you like:)
Alienbear China National day necklace and Ganked Lucky Clover set.

Phantasie Necklace (Sunshine Diamond main store) and Medivial earrings by Grey.

Water, Fire and Earth set by PM delight.

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