Friday, October 29, 2010

Do you know how hard it is to get freckles in SL?

Hi girls. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get freckles in SL? I am a redhead in RL and I have freckles. And guess what? Now I have them in SL too :) I bought them for 5 L at GLAMORIZE , wearable with every skin ! and they have plenty make-ups too. Worth to have a look at. Not free though.

And guess what? My hair by A&A is on sale for 1 L on SL Marketstreet !!!

Next I went to BabyCakes. I found some really cute freebies there. The T-shirts were ok, but the cute breakfast things above your head which show your mood were kinda cute :) and the little dressies too.

The one on the right is from a hunt at BabyCakes.

Another stop at AV VLODOVIC. All their clothes and shoes are 1 L$. I just picked a few things I liked.

And that is how it looks on me :) The boots go GREAT with the dresses !

The bangles I got from their LUCKY BOARD.

I went to Here Comes Trouble too and got very cute hair for free. It says that it is a demo, but it doesn't have the big DEMO sign above your head ;)

Comes in ALL colors ladies :)

Happy shopping for today :)

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