Sunday, October 24, 2010

I love SKINS...and clothes...and hair...and jewelry...ok I LOVE almost everything

OK starting with skins...I got this lovely skin from the MM board at Cupcakes.
The skin is called Kawaii. At the moment there is another skin on the MM board though...see pic.

The next skin I got is from B[u]YME and it is gorgious too :) It is the FAIRY skin and you can buy it for 1 L$ on the wall.
Izzies gives away LOVELY skins ladies in many make up styles. I took only a few pics, but you get 6 and the shapes are included too! It's a group gift so you have to join first. Izzies is the place. Name of the skin is AMBER.

The JUICY sim is celebrating it's 3rd birthday and lots of designers are giving away nice presents (or let them buy you for 1 L$) because of it. At the landing point you will find them on 3 tables.
The 2 lovely pink dresses are 2 gifts by Flirt, the hair is by Brit and the other lovely pink dress is by Outrage. The purple dress (which includes the SKIN !!) and the pink shirts are by Schwarz and the lovely necklace by Twinkleberry. Thank you all designers, LOVE the gifts.
OK you all know by now I love hair and Lollipopz is one of my favorite stores. I got the lovely hairstyle on the left as a group gift (group gift board is next to the MM board) and the one ont the right from the group MM board there. Thanks Zeev !!!

The lovely jewelry set is by Ganked on their lucky is worth the wait.
Then I got a lot of things from all over SL, below are the pics.

LVS gives away this more than lovely Mardi Gras gown as a group gift.
Glamour Style has this lovely dress as a subscribo gift for free. Made me want to dance ;)

Both items below (the cigarette and the cigarette pipe and the capris with shoes and 2 tops) are a gift by PERSONA.

Last thing to blog are the lovely tops I got from SF design. WOW I love those and you get so many colors :)

Enjoy shopping ladies !

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