Sunday, October 3, 2010

JEWELRY, and shoes, boots and skins..still LOVE XL street :)


The first thing I want to show you is not from XLstreet. Just group gifts from several stores.
How about the lovely tops by Pixeldolls? Don't you LOVE those?
They come with pants too.

Next gift is by undies.

And their male shop, Alphamale, has a cute gift ,wearable for girls too:)

Tara has a new gift on their MM boards. WOW would you be able to walk on those in RL? I wouldn't :) But for SL they are GREAT. The shoes come with a skin hud and I KNOW !! I didn't use it....sorry.

Then Vinyl Cafe has a new group gift in their store (the purple boots) and a cute halloween hunt (where you get all the boots on the lower pic) in the halloween shop they have.

Aren't those boots CUTE??? They are all from the HALLOWEEN hunt at Vinyl Cafe.

I found 2 new skins, one is on the MM board by Cupcakes, it is called London skin and comes with and without cleavage. (pic on the left). The other one is by Eye candi, from the Fortune teller hunt. (pic on the right) LM will lead you to the hunt gift boxes (on the floor)

And I strolled again on XLStreet. Guess what? I found loads of lovely jewelry. And which girl can resist gold, diamonds and silver?

I put the URLs under the pics so you can find them on XLStreet.

Gold heart necklace

black long pearls             Butterfly gold set (comes with many more options)

Alienbear design. White gold set and black set
All necklaces shown below are to be found HERE.
The butterfly one, the heart one, the pearl chokers. Actually 12 pages with freebies from this designer !

Mayoness set below and the  Milady necklace under it.

                                                                       Amber set
Enjoy your shopping ladies....and enjoy your new jewelry, skin, shoes, boots or clothes :)

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