Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween, Dragon Lady, Cupcakes, Ganked and more from Market Street


I will start today with a very elegant dress I found on Market Street...You can find it HERE. It's a lovely blue dress and the skirt moves with the sexy :)
If the pics look a little different ladies, it is because I lost my Photostudio and I have to take pics elsewhere :) The clothes are the most important though :)

And I found a sleek silk dress too. This one can be found HERE.
The shoes are by ~~KKBB~~ on the LB or for sale for 10 L$

I found this lovely spring like dress in a short and long version at Edeka on Market Street too, called Paquerette.

The next sexy short dress was found on Market Street and it's by N&Ldesign.
The dress is made by Tuty's and they also give away a LOVELY AO, which can be found HERE.

Ganked gives away another lovely necklace on Market street. See below.

This cute blue dress was on Market Street too and you find it HERE.

Next is another Halloween dress :)  It is by Dragon Lady and she has a load of freebies in her shop (some are HUNT items, so you have to look at the entrance which hunts are still there). The cute BEAR is a group gift from BabyMonkey and the cute white shoes are from BabyMonkey too.

Last but not least the Subscribo gift by Cupcakes. They have a great new shop, I do hope however that the Lucky Chairs and the MM board return, couldn't find them there yet.

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