Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grave Robber hunt and my Darkerside

Girls I usually do not BLOG hunts, but the Grave robber hunt at Car Wash is so easy and you get so many nice things that I wanted to show you what you are getting there. You are looking for a cross but beware, there are also crosses without a gift inside :)

These 2 sets are by HellBop.
Eye Candi gives you this dark skin.
To the left you see Graffittiwear and to the right M&H.

These boots are by  Sentou Yousei (the hat too AND the avatar below ...)

The bangles on the right ate by A-Bomb and the spider outfit with the skin and hair is by In Sanity

The skin and 2 sets of lovely wings are by Sinners Tongue and last but not least the cute Bee outfit is by SD wear (look at the celing), all at Car Wash :)

Then I went to DarkerSide. WOW they have a LOT of hair..and even skins...there are feebie bags and bags for 1 L in the store on the floor.

Fab Emo






Messed up

Von D Hair and skin

Halloween including skin

Curse hair and skin and Sinfull hair and skin.

That was it for today have met my Darker side :) Enjoy shopping !

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