Monday, October 18, 2010

About make-up, eyes, skins and clothes

OK I wanted to get away from the Halloween stuff, but still I found a few more items. I am going to show you them LAST, starting with a few nice finds first :)
At G&N you get this lovely sexy in the 50th. It feels Charleston :) and looks GREAT !

And yes, they also give away a lovely Witch here goes: another Halloween G&N (it is from the Pumpkin Print Hunt, find the pumpkin in the store)

Make up is next:

These lovely make-ups are free (hunt item from the TUHHunt) at B[u]YME. They look GREAT and are a tattoo layer.

And this ermmm...well it is not a dress, but no clue how to call it. It is the Voodo Doll Hunt gift at B[u]YME.
Breathtaking & Devine give away a lovely pink freebie dress AND they participate in several hunts ladies, so find the tiems, it is not that hard and the reward is GREAT !

THIS is the free gift

These are the HUNT items you can find
INKA gives away 2 LOVELY skins and a set of GREAT eyes for their group members. Joining is free.

Next cardigan is a group gift by CoCo. I Blogged Coco before, if you didn't get their group gifts hurry over, they are GREAT !

The next 2 dresses I have from 2 MM boards, one at SD wear (bottom one) and one at VelvetRythems (top one).

Juli's shop has a few very nice new Halloween outfits (not free) BUT they also have 2 lovely freebies!

OK now 2 LOVELY gowns by Grimorio. Both are free. And if you want to go out in style, get the cute BOA's (free) at La Boheme :)

These are only FIVE colors but you get TWELVE !
Last 2 gifts are a cute outfit by Psychotopia and yes: A FREE HALLOWEEN HAT (gift for the ATHHunt) by Samsara but also a lovely free underwear set which is a gift from the Dipped in Chocolate hunt.


Samsara Dipped in Chocolate Hunt.

And that was it for today girls. ENJOY SHOPPING !

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