Thursday, October 7, 2010

Phoenix Rising is closing, and some more goodies for you all


Sad to hear another great shop is closing. Phoenix Rising is closing their doors soon. They have marked down a lot of their items to 1 L$, so before they are gone go get what you want there !
My dear friend Dirk Talamasca has offered me his holodeck to take pics...

I found a few more Halloween outfits ladies. Quinert has a scary one...and Fujiyama Geisha a sweet one :)

The Quinert comes with skin and shape but I am also showing it with my own skin :)

Fujiyama Geisha has a few more very nice freebies:

STC has lovely stuff. I love their tops and dresses ...

They also have CLOGS at Sweeter than Candy.

Yuki Hair is free at Fujiyama Geisha a matter of fact the whole shop is it is worth to take a look there.

The last few items are just bits and pieces from all over...

Lovely pink dress by Chantkare

Graffitti wear Tops in lots of colors and a cute white dress, also by Graffitti wear.

And a cute dress in black and orange by Jill design.


Hope you enjoyed my finds for today :)

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