Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I landed in this shopping mall and there are all these cute shops...and guess what? They have LOADS of free gifts :) Wanna see?

These lovely dresses are by Lillou's.
Their neighbour is Glitter and at their shop I got this:
(including the hair)

Next shop is Snowpaw :

KR Couture gives you this:
A sexy black dress (above) and a lovely Bikini (below)

And Evies Closet a lovely purple dress....(on the right)
PR Design gives a LOVELY Hibiscus flower for your hair...(below)
You can find ALL these freebies and a lot of dollarbies too HERE

Urban Girl has a few lovely skins as a group gift (joining is free) and they have a hughe SHOE sale going on ladies. Knowing my passion for shoes....I better NOT go there.
                                       All shoes and boots are ONLY 10 L ladies

Then I went to Rubisoho. They have NINE LB for group members (joining is free) which change fast and I was very lucky, I got TWO.

Inga Wind gives the Kelly dress away:                                        

And what do you think of these BLACKBURN boots? They are GREAT (and free) !

I also went to Badoura, they have a MM board (the black dress on the separate pic below) and loads of 1 L and free dresses :)
LOVE them.
Last shop is I got a LOT there...

League gives this legging away for new members

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