Sunday, October 10, 2010

Heels, Hair and new clothes :)

Ladies I went to Tara, shoes hoes shoes...and to A&A which means NEW HAIR and Lapointe and I had a great day shopping :)
And I hope you will have too..without spending any Linden dollars :)

The hair is by Alli & Ali (A&A) and it's on one of their MM boards. There are plenty in the store, so walk around, click and invite your friends to click too :)
The lovely necklace was blogged yesterday and is by Ganked. The outfit (Tiger) is by Sascha's design.

Lovely high heeled shoes NEW on the lucky boards at TARA.

OK I know I look rather SILLY on this pic. But this rabbit and the cute handbag rabbit were a gift at Lapointe & Baschild as are all other outfits below.
They have Neko stuff too, also free

That's it...enjoy shopping ladies :)

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