Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cri Cri, Alienbear, MPD, Aleida, Sassy Kitty and the Vinyl Cafe

Wow that is a LOT to blog today ladies, so I will start fast and you can pick which items you want to get :)
First CriCri...they have a few lovely gifts.
I completely loved their X-mas hair. I know it's not Xmas yet...but still it looks great :) And the other hairstyles below are free too.

The cute pool thing is free too :) At CriCri ladies.
Next I went to Alienbear. It has been my favorite jewelshop for ages and I just went for the freebies this time. They also have 10L$ items.
And the quality is, as always, great.

It's hard to see on the pics, but the moonstone necklace and earrings come in gold and silver.

All at Allienbear ladies.
Ohhhh I LOVE to go to MPD. I blogged them before, but hey they ARE one of my most favorite stores. I like their fun clothes, they always make me smile and they make me greedy...I want to have them ALL !!

Didn't win as you can see.
But all their clothes are just 1 L$ and the fatpacks are 3 or 5 L$.
The clothes below are FREEBIES in the store at MPD.
Next I went to Aleida and they have a few free pumpkins in their store. Once you have found them you will have the items below to wear :)
The yellow shoes are a gift by Vinyl Cafe, as are the other things shown below.
These are free at their HALLOWEEN shop (also the black and white dress and the black gown and the lovely tops and skirts are to be found at their Vinyl Cafe at the Dominion.

The lovely corset dress was a gift at their Vinyl Cafe.
My last visit for today was to Sassy Kitty. I got these lovely sexy dresses AND the cute tops in soooo many colors ;)

Enjoy shopping ladies :)

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