Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Group gifts, skins, cute cute cute dresses and SHOES :)

Hi girls, I went to Unique and wow do they have cute clothes. I joined the group (free) and got a load of cute dresses and shoes...just pop over and have a look, their clothes are very affordable.

I complete love this outfit to the left. Isn't that sexy and still sweet? (it's a group gift)

These are the lucky chairs and MM boards at Unique.
All of the clothes (an shoes) below are group gifts in store or free gifts. Two are from hunts.

The black lace dress above is a gift from the A is for autumn hunt which you can find HERE

I also got these two LOVELY tattoos. I am not really into tattoos but these are quite cute.

Last thing I got was the jacket with the GREAT shoes, they are a gift from the Happy Halloween Hunt and you can find them HERE.
Breathing has a few very nice LUCKY BOARDs and I was lucky, I got 2 items. But they also have a few free gifts in store.

 The stool was free too.
The next dress I got from a LB from the shop close to Breathing, called Vitamin Girl.

Next stop was INKA, wow they have such great skins :) Both are a group gift and are called Layla (l) and Erica (r).

Romance in prims has a lovely Halloween gift, comes with hat and a short and long shirt.
Psychotopia has another free gift, their weekly gift (and a male gift, but hey, it looks great on me too !

And that was it fot today Girls. Enjoy your shopping :)

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