Friday, October 1, 2010

Don't you LOVE XLstreet?


I went shopping but not in SL ladies, I just wandered along XLstreet and found the most crazy Freebies ever !

Just have a look at what I got there, all free.
This gown is so lovely and it is called LC Laomi and you can get it HERE
I went to their shop too and to my surprise they have a wall with 1 -5 -10 L gowns/dresses and a MM board too.
Next stop was again XLstreet and I got a sexy elegant evening gown, called Alicia by Ariline in red. WOW it is amazing like the gold one above and FREE again. You can find it HERE.

The next dress is a lovely one in black with a colored hem. It is by Oh My (OM) and you can find it HERE .I went to their online shop too and found the orange cute dress there. The shoes are by ~~KKBB~~ LB gift.
                       <---- This orange dress is to be found HERE.
Next I found TONS of hair...really !! Cute and less cute, but all free. Again: I LOVE XLSTREET :)
I put the LM next to the pics ladies.

This hair is by Beautiful Dirty Rich and you can find them all at the link
*Eva *Marianna * Dina *Luanna

The next hairshop online was Edelstore. WOW amazing hair ladies. You can find ALL the hair at the link.

In world I went to AlaFolie...and got their 1 L dress (the purple one) and the 10 L dress (the blue and red one)

My last stop was Paradisis. WOW I got loads of freebies there ladies...hmmm LOVE THEM !

Then I found out my good friend Puck Ida is back, she has a lovely ballrrom and a lot of freebies for the ladies who want to go dancing !!!

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