Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

The title of my blog made me think of an old song...let me find it for you...Mambo nr. 5 by Lou Bega. He likes every girl...I like all the freebies I found :)
Let me start with very cute shoes I got at Mayden Couture. They are a group gift and joining is 20 L$ but you don't only get the cute shoes but also 2 GREAT skins.

And if you put the Mayden Couture picks in your profile and wait 24 hours you also get bare feet ! YAY ! Love those.
Then I found some more cute shioes, NOT free though. They are by Sweet Antidote and they are for the Black Market. The FTLO Black Market is going to be an ongoing event that contains designers from FTLO and Saturday Night Fevah.  Each designer is going to have one EXCLUSIVE item out for 100L!  In addition to that the designers also offer 4 items from their shop for only 40 L$ each.
Another shop that has a very nice item for the Black Market is 22769. I love this high waisted skirt. The top is by Jane and the jewelry is by Ganked. Both former freebies.
22769 also has a new group gift for November. A nice warm winter sweater with pants, perfect for the time of the year :)
And 22769 has also a lot of new items at the Vintage Fair ladies. There is a cute dollarbie (1 L$) called Barbarella and lots of other outfits (not free). I am showing you the vintage stewardess outfit in blue because  - yes you guessed it - I always wanted to become a stewardess :). The cute blue shoes are included.

The next store was CottonRose Clothing and I got two lovely gowns there from their Lucky chairs.

Worlds end Garden has a new group gift and all of their group gifts are WOW and AHHH and I WANT IT....so hop over and join the group to get this great gown :)

These lovely diamond earrings are the newest group gift by BeautyCode. They go perfectly with the lovely gowns above.
Or you can wear this beautiful necklace with the cute black bear with your gowns. It is a new group gift by Virtual Impressions.

Over to the Dirty Turkey hunt. I have some more goodies left from that hunt and you have to find a dirty bottle at each store to get the lovely gifts by the designers !
Croire gives away lovely nails, perfect to wear with your gowns or other outfits. Find the Dirty Turkey Hunt bottle and they are yours :)
This cute top is a gift inside the bottle at Static Clothing ladies.
And Pin me down put colorful face make up inside their bottle and a dirty tattoo on your belly.
The next shop is Hysteria who put face tattoos inside their bottle. The difference between the three tattoos is the word the tears write on your cheek.
And yet another face tattoo can be found at AQ Face Tattoos. Find the bottle to get it.
The last one for today are the tattoos I got inside the bottle at Children of Ares. Find the bottle at their store and you can wear the cute back tattoo or the pierced tongue. I would not recommand wearing the tongue with your lovely gowns :)


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