Monday, November 7, 2011

What can I say?

Today I did a bit of hunting, picked up some group gifts, looked at new releases and new freebies. So this blog will be like all my other blogs: a bit of this, a bit of that...
Let me start with the lovely gonw Bliss Couture is giving to their group members. It is called French lace gown and it is amazing. Thank you Bliss :).

Bellissima is also giving a lovely gown to their group members. It is their November gift and it includes skin and shape! I am showing you the gown also on my own shape and with my own skin, just in case you do not like the Bellissima skin and shape.

Bellissima also  still has their October gift out so if you didnt get that one yet, pick it up too.
This cute sexy little dressy is a subscribo gift by Hucci Design...I love it! It feels like a ray of sunshine.
Then I went to Evergreen and stood there waiting till my letter came up on their lucky board. And it DID ! YAY...I got this great dress.
The next stop was Draconic Kiss, actually because I was doing the I love Cupcakes hunt. But I stumbled over their lucky chair and I got this great pink dress.
The pink color of this dress made me think about the newest group gift by Furore! WOW what a lovely pashmina ! And you get the eyes too...if you are a group member at Furore !
Another pink outfit is the gift Fabienne Bollissima has put in her RH6 hunt item. You have to find a colored heart to get this outfit.
Fabienne Bollissima is also participating in the SLUU hunt and you have to find a questionmark to get THIS hunt item !
Last hunt item I found at Fabienne Bollissima is the cupcake in the I love Cupcakes hunt! YAY ! That was actually the reason why I was there! This outfit is hidden inside the cupcake !
Over to another cupcake, this time at PYNKZ. You will get a lovely color change necklace if you find the cupcake at PYNKZ.
I also went to Pretty Kitties to find the cupcake there. Look what is inside, isn't that a perfect outfit for kitties? Ofcourse you can wear the tee and jeans without the ears an tails too.
The next 2 items are from the midnight mania board at Rotten Defiance. I was so lucky it closed :) Actually I was there to find the cupcake, but this is a great price too. So if you are hunting do not forget to click the MM board. The pants and jacket are the MALE item from the MM board.

Gizza is giving their group members a sexy concert Tee....join the group and check notices :)
Talking about tees...Ruca Tease has an early Christmas present for all of us. Hop over and click the Christmas tree and you get not only these black tees, but also flowers, a house and some more goodies.
Ruca Tease also has some great freebies at their store. Just walk around, some are in the basement, some on the ground floor, but they are all very nice :)


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