Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh boy Christmas is coming :)

If you find Christmas outfits, hair, trees everywhere in SL you can be sure Christmas is coming :) I found this GREAT gown on the Midnight Mania Board at Grim Bros. It is an older gown, but it is such a GOOD one !
And Grim Bros has some mini mania boards too. I was so lucky to get this dress from one of them.
Then I got this lovely new release by Saschas Design, called Carmen. What a nice alternative for the gowns we will surely see all through December. The sparkles on the jacket and the frully cuffs make it perfect for parties. (NOT free, 2 colors are marked down to 175 L$ each).
Because this outfit is so perfect for parties I went to Jariahs shop, called A&M. She makes the greatest dances...wow we had so much fun trying out all her dances :) There is also a sale going on at her store so you can purchase the dances cheap :)

There are 2 dollarbies (1 L$) dances at the store, called Crackers and Crackers II. They are so much fun, go pick them up ladies. And while you are there consider to join the group as she gives away lots of gifts to group members.
Below I am doing the Crackers dance, too bad you can't see it completely :)
At A&M Ladies.
Then I got tired and I slipped into these jammies, which are the December Group gift by b[ELLE]issima.Cute slippers are included.
And this cute Christmas dressy is a gift under the Christmas tree at Hipnose. It is one of the many presents under the tree and it is called Mami Noel. What you can't see is the cute fluffy bubby tail at the back of this outfit :)
Fierce Design is taking part in the DIM (Diamonds is Mine) hunt and if you find the hunt item (which is a diamond) at their store youw ill get this cute Christmas outfit :)
Enough with the Christmas stuff, December hasn't even begun, so I will go on with the cute hair from Analog Dog. They have a secret sale and some hair in the NEW section has been marked down to 0 L$. Look for Babe (lovely curls), Suzanna (wearable with or without extensions) and EQ (braided tail). Mind me, for the EQ hair you also need the free hairbases which you can find near the INFO board.

Sorry guys just after I made the blog the hair seems no longer to be free. There are however still 2 free balls on the beach at Analog Dog, one with 5 hairstyles, one with 4 (I blogged them before).

Then I found this cute winter outfit by Furore. It is their gift in the BFH hunt, so hop over and find the hunt item. The cute blue top is a freebie by Jane (blogged before).
This next outfit is also a great winter outfit and this one is by Wafflez. It is hidden inside the diamond from the DIM hunt so you have to look for it, but it is totally worth it.
Another nice gift in the DIM hunt is this one by Champagne. A lovely warm sweater in a rich color. Find the diamond ladies !
I also found a few very cute dresses in the DIM hunt. Remember: you have to find the diamond at the stores ladies. They are not that hard to find :)
This first cute dress is by Butterfly Effect and I styled it with another gift in the DIM unt, by Callie Cline, a lovely diamond bracelet!
And this one is by Gabrielle. A lovely summer dress ( I know, it is winter here but I am sure a summer will follow). Look for the diamond at Gabrielle.
The gift inside the diamond at Snowpaws is a GREAT cocktail dress. I love those colors, perfect for the upcoming parties in December.
And the last 2 items for today are jewelry. A lovely starry necklace by Fairy Tail. You have to wait till your letter pops up on their lucky board but then you have a great necklace!
And this finally is the new Midnight Mania gift at Dryad Design. Get your friends to click the board ladies, there is a low target.