Friday, November 11, 2011

Moves like Jagger

While I am working on this blog I am listening to MOVES LIKE JAGGER and it put me in a great mood.
So I will just start with all the skins and shapes I found in several hunts.
This first one is by Bare Sensual and it is a gift in the I love cupcakes hunt. Find the cupcake at their store and YAY you have a great new skin.
The next skins and shape are by TWA and they are also a gift in the I love cupcakes hunt. You also get a pair of red ripped male pants, which I blogged before.
You can find the HINT PAGE for this hunt here.
Then I went to Orange Creations to find another skin inside the cupcake from the I love Cupcakes hunt.
This skin is by MissMurder and it is yours if you can find the cupcake at the MissMurder store.
Anatomy has two shapes hidden inside their cupcake.
Anatomy is also taking part in the DLS2 hunt (find a key) and if you find that key you get this shape.
Then I found something to wear with these skins: a tattoo hidden inside the cupcake at Urban Republic. If you cannot find the cupcakes look at the HINT page, it is a great help.
Another tattoo and a crazy popsicle are the gift in the cupcake at Sweet Sin (don't go to Sweet SINS, they are also participating in the I love Cupcakes hunt, I will blog it below).
Talking about fun and crazy: The Mad Hattery is also participating in the I love Cupcakes hunt. They hid a great hat inside their cupcake.
If the hat from the Mad Hattery isn't crazy enough for you hop over to Dead Bunnies and get the crazy cupcake hat, hidden in the I love Cupcakes cupcake.
The next shop for me was JeSyLiLo. They give away a lovely pink lip gloss inside their cupcake :)
1 Hundred put a great dress inside their cupcake. I love the light patern on the dress and the bow and cupcake on the pleated skirt.
Anohter great dress is hidden inside the cupcake at Clarity Creations. All you have to do is find it in their store to get this great elegant dress with giraffe print.
This dress is a gift in the Fall Lust hunt at LooLoo. In the Fall Lust hunt you have to find a small red leaf.
This dress is perfect for fall, I love the blue details.
This cute top and skirt can be found inside the cupcake at Furore. Its fun to wear :0)
The next tops are a gift inside the cupcake at 1/2 Baked. You get BOTH in one cupcake, including the cupcakes on the choclate splash shirt.

Lethe also gives away a lovely light blue dotted shirt inside their cupcake. Actually there are 3 cupcakes to find at Lethe, blogged before.
FE design gives away this lovely top inside their cupcake.
Evil Bunneh has a great lingerie set inside their cupcake but ofcourse you can wear the shirt as a top on jeans or a skirt too !
Finally I am getting to the SHOES I found in the I love Cupcakes hunt. I love the black strapped ones by Tara. WOW amazing shoes.
And these boots are a gift by Sweet SINS (not Sweet SIN) if you find the cupcake at their store.