Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hairs and skins or skins and hair?

Two of my favorite items today ladies, hair and skins. Or skins and hair :)
Too bad I didn't find shoes, because I love them too. Or jewelry come to think of it...ahhh anyway, hair and sins. Starting with the great hair by Alli & Ali. They have again a new group gift (Lara) at their mainstore and a new voting gift (Syra), also available at the Alli & Ali mainstore.
The LARA Hair in all colors can also be found at the action wall in the mainstore (amongst others), which means 50 % off for group members (wear your group tag)
And Alli & Ali has also a lot of free hair in their Marketplace store. Like this lovely Syra hair in dark brown.
Or this great hair, called 4Jane, also at the Marketplace store.
Another hair at Marketplace is called Molly.
Or you can get the lovely Farah hair at the Marketplace store by Alli & Ali.
Alexa is also a gift on Marketplace by Alli & Ali.
And so is Elena. Also to be found on Markerplace.
The next hair is the new group gift by Gesamtkunstwerk. I love their hair because it is always extraordinary and it makes me smile. You get it in pink and blue.

And this hair is the new group gift by YunA'sHair. Joining the group is free.
Over to the skins. The next great skins are on the lucky boards at Cstar. They have been away for a while, but they are back now...and the gifts are GREAT. It is worth to wait for your letter to come up.

The next skins are by Girl Life skins and they are a new release. Not only do they have new skins, but also new HANDS ! And a shape is included.
I am showing you the new skins (they come in several skin tones) and the shape for which the skins were made. And I am also showing you the lovely hands, which you can adjust seperately! I am showing you the hands also with my regular skin.
NOT free though !

This great tattoo is the newest group gift by LaVie skins. It is a full body tattoo.
And that was it for today ladies. HAPPY SHOPPING !!!