Saturday, November 19, 2011


It doesn't happen every day that you get a gown named after you. But it did happen to me, Sascha Frangilli, designer/owner of Saschas design named a lovely gown after me :)
The Roodvosje is a classic gown, and it comes in no less than 14 colors ! At the moment 5 are marked down to 400 L$ (usual price 550 L$). Look for the choco, azure, purple, violet or orange.
The gown has many options, several top options (scarfs, shoulder deco or sculpted bustiere) and many skirt options.

Saschas design has a special gown offer each week and four 60 L$ offers. AND a free gown for group members every month !
There is also an outlet where you can find outfits for just 35, 60 ot 100 L$, ranging from tee shirts to pants and tops and to lovely gowns.

Saschas design is also participating in a few hunts, This first lovely pink gown is the price in the Candy Cane hunt. It starts on November 21st and you have to look for a cup of hot coco with a candy cane in it.
The next gown is the gift in the Peace on Earth hunt which starts on December 1st. You have to look for a globe.
I styled the elegant soft yellow gown and the sexy pink one with the jewelry sets by SG's design. In world they are just 10 L$ each and they go perfectly well with both gowns. You can chose from a silver or a gold one.

This lovely gown is by Tres Beau. They have a great lucky chair (letter changes every 5 minutes) and this special gown is on hop over and wait for your letter (or the letters of your friends).

Last one for today is the lovely lingerie set Sonia that  Ashmoot gives their group members as a present.
They have also a lucky board, a midnight mania board and a questionmark board, so look around the store ladies :)