Monday, November 28, 2011

Skins & Hair, Hair & skins and SHAPES !

Today I got some cute hair for you all, and skins from the Diamond is Mine (DIM) hunt. And in the DIM hunt there are also shapes as a gift from the generous designers, so I blogged those too.
First I want to thank ALL designers for their lovely gifts. I got so many great things from this hunt, I can't thank you enough.
But I will start with the very cute hair ChiChickie has in their store. It is free at the entrance of the shop. The hair is called Black Friday :) and you get a fatpack with lots of colors.
There is also a secret sale going on, look at the sign next to the free hair vendor.

And Alli & Ali hair have a new group gift and a voting gift at their mainstore. Both hairstyles are also available at the action wall, which means 50 % off for members.

Alli & Ali Hair have a lot of free hairstyles in their Marketplace shop. You can see the hairstyles below.
Alli & Ali Hair is also participating in the DIM hunt. You have to find a diamond at their store to get this lovely hair (FATPACK !)
Then I found some more hair in the DIM hunt. This one is hidden inside the diamond at DIVA!. You get one hairstyle with a red flower decoration and one with a yellow decoration, but you have a choice to not wear it at all.

And this one is the gift inside the diamond at EMOtions. You get the hair with the cap (actually for guys) and the lovely dark hairdo. Find the diamond ladies and it is yours. I am wearing this hair with the skin I got in the DIM hunt at Al Vulo. WOW hwat a lovely skin. I am so glad I found the diamond there !
Croire gives away 2 lovely freckles layers inside their diamond. As I am a redhead I LOVE freckles, I was sooo sold when I got these :) I can wear them with every skin! Inside the diamond ladies.
And THIS is the Al Vulo skin. I love it.
I found another skin at CandyDolls. The diamonds are not that hard to find ladies, so hop over and start looking and you can wear this skin :)
Then I hopped to Dulce Secrets and wow...they have some cute skins hidden inside their diamonds ! Actually there are quite a few skins in the DIM hunt so there is a perfect one for each of us :)
Dulce Secrets also has a new release, 3 lovely skins in different skin tones. While you are hunting, don't forget to take a look at those !
So maybe this one is the one for you, I found it at NaCrS. It is called Pinky skin Medium and it is a light skin with a star tattoo on the lower part of the belly. Find the diamond, the skin is inside it.
I always love JeSyLiLo skins and they hid a very nice one inside their diamond for the DIM hunt.
Last skin: Tellaq has put this cutie inside their diamond. Again a lovely skin, which makes it sooo hard to decide what I want to wear! Do you have the same problem? Anyway to get this skin you have to find the diamond at Tellaq.
I also found a few shapes in this hunt. Usually I do not blog shapes as I do not like most of them. I know however that some of my readers do like shapes. This one is the gift in the DIM hunt by Sophistishapes and that is also the starting point for the Diamonds is Mine hunt.
Find the diamond at their store and you get these great shapes.
These next shapes are by Maverick Design and they are also a gift in the DIM hunt. Again all you have to do is find the diamond at their store.  I am showing you the shape with my regular skin and with the skin gift at Maverick Design (don't forget to grab it).

Last shapes for today: the ones that are hidden inside the diamond at Damage. Again a great shape so if you want it go look for the diamond.
Last one because I think it is soo cute to wear a diamond on your tongue: the gift at Acide. Look for the diamond and you can show of your diamond tongue :)


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