Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not as colorful as yesterday.

My blog is different every day. Ofcourse I hear you say, because if I would blog the same stuff every day I would not have any readers after 2 days. But what I mean is: sometimes I find all freebies in color, sometimes in black and white. Sometimes just skins or hair or shoes...and sometimes a bit of everything.
Today I found a bit of everything so let me start with Indigo Oddities. They are participating in the I love cupcakes hunt (find a cupcake). There is a HINT page for this hunt which is a great help. Indigo Oddities has this great dress inside their cupcake. The make up is included.
The next shop is Evil Bunneh and they are also hiding a gift in the cupcake from the I love Cupcakes hunt.
This next sexy pants outfit is actually for guys. It is part of the hunt gift at Karmas Creations for the Fall Lust hunt. You get this sexy leather suit and a great green dress IF you find the leaf at the Karmas Creations Store. Hint page for the Fall Lust Hunt HERE.

Another pants outfit, this time in brighter colors is the gift in the I love cupcakes (find cupcake) hunt at Astonish. Find the cupcake and it is yours.
The next shoes are a gift in the Fall Lust hunt at Demotik. They go great with the pants above. The brown ones are actually for guys.

The next outfit is by Clarity and it is a gift in the Charm Potion hunt. You have to find a purple bottle at Clarity to get this great pants and top set. Hint: climb the rope.
Clarity is also participating in the Fall lust hunt (find leaf) and if you do find the leaf at Clarity you will get this great dress :)
Then I went to SWAK and I did find the cupcake from the I love Cupcakes hunt there ! Look at the great gift. The back of the skirt is also very nice.
Another cupcake is hidden at Rotten Defiance and what did I get there? Three Faun items, horns, feet and tail, in black, brown and white. The black bikini is from my inventory.
Damned is also participating in the I love Cupcakes hunt and you get these nice face colors if you find the cupcake at their store.
Last one from the I love Cupcakes hunt: a great bracelet by Chop Zeuy. I love their jewelry and this one is perfect to wear with lovely gowns or just with jeans.

Then I got this lovely necklace at Gypsi Ware. And not only the necklace! You get a whole outfit, a gown and a short dress with jewelry if you find the leaf from the Fall Lust hunt at Gypsi Ware !

Aberant is also participating in the Fall Lust Hunt and their gift inside the leaf looks like this. They have 2 gifts at Aberant, the first one is the lingerie and the second one is the tattoo.
Danis also has hidden a present in the leaf. This outfit comes with the boots and the cloack :)
Jills has a new group gift for their members and WOW that is an amazing gown for Fall.
I went to Tainted because I had a shop card from their store lingering in my inventory. It seems however they changed their gift cards and I can't use it. Even contacting the owner didn't help. But it did help that I got 2 great outfits from their Midnight Mania boards :0)

I found another store card for 300 l$...this time from Yogi shoes my inventory. That didn't work either. Did you hear me grind my teeth? But this time the owner did react and gave me the store credit. Thank you so MUCH !
When you get to the Yogi shoes store you get a message that there is a present for you in the store. Go up the stairs and find it because I got these lovely black booties. And from their 4 lucky boards I got the lavender shoes.