Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hair and a lot of pink Cupcakes.

Today I got some really lovely gifts from Alli & Ali hair, and a lot of freebies from their Marketplace store. But I also did some cupcake hunting :)
Let me start with the hair.
This first hair is called Lydia and it is the new VOTING gift by Alli & Ali. You can find it in their mainstore, where you can also find the new GROUP gift, called Demeter.
Both hairstyles are available on the action wall at the mainstore at Alli & Ali too, which means you get a 50 % discount if you wear your group tag!
Lydia in Blackberry is also available on Marketplace as a gift.

The next hairstyles are available on Marketplace and they are a gift by Alli & Ali.
This first one is called Charlotte (color blackberry)

This one is called Demeter autumn flame.
And this one is Syra dark brown.
Then I went to Draconic Kiss to find the cupcake in the I love Cupcakes hunt. And YAY I got this lovely hair there with the cupcakes as decoration. They are attached to the hair though...
There is a HINT page available for this hunt, you can find it here.
The next shop in the I love Cupcakes hunt was Wallflower and I found these cupcake antlers hidden inside the I love Cupcakes cupcake (did you ever see the word Cupcake used so many times in one sentence?) cupcake. Great to wear with all your hairstyles :)
I really love cupcakes so I jumped over to Lethe and at their store you have to find THREE cupcakes to get this whole cute outfit. One for the lovely dress.
One at Lethe for the hat and bag.
And the last one for the shoes. Thank you Lethe for the lovely gifts :)
Another sweet pink dress is a gift inside the I love Cupcakes cake at Serenity design.
The next dress is by Pink Promise and it is your if you can find the cupcake at their store. The shoes are included in this gift :)
Pink Promise also has a freebie at their store which is not to miss. A lovely little dress with very cute shoes :)
Venus Envy is also participating in the I love Cupcakes hunt and look what they put inside the cupcake for us all..WOW lovely PJs in pink !
And the gift includes a morning cup of coffee :)
The next tops are by Retro and they are also a gift in the I love Cupcakes hunt. The cupcakes aren't that hard to find and the hints are a big help.
These tops you can find inside the cupcake at Southern Care Bears. You get 2 different ones.
And Sweethearts Cafe & Bakery has a very special gift inside their cupcake...wow I feel like a cupcake myself :) The shoes are Audry pumps by BabyMonkey.
Another lovely dress is the one by Moulliez. It is hidden inside the cupcake of the I love Cupcakes hunt. The lovely shoes are included in the gift. For hints please look at the site I blogged above.
Last one for today is a real goodie. A lovely red dress and matching shoes. It is a gift in the I love Cupcakes hunt by Lyrieals. It goes great with y hair. To get it all you have to do is find the cupcake at their store :)


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