Sunday, November 13, 2011

No inspiration.

Believe it or not, the awfull comments I get here sometimes really get to me. I arrived at a point where I was thinking: I will stop this blog. I know SL is just a game but I cannot understand why people leave hurting personal comments on my blog.

Anyway I had a long talk with Master Kane and I decided not to stop.
Still I lost quite a lot of my fun in making a blog.

Let me start with hair, hair always brings me in a good mood. I wish I had hair like in SL in RL..never a bad hairday, if you want another style you just pick a new style hair :)
This lovely hair is by Alli & Ali, and they have a new voting gift and a new group gift at their MAINSTORE. The SOL hair is actually for guys but I like it too :)

The Sol hair, Ceres and Artemis hair are also available at the action wall in all colors, which means 50 % off for group members !

The next hair is available on Marketplace for the time being as a gift.
This first hair is called Artemis and the color is coffee.
The next hair is Ceres in nuts.
And Sol is also available on Marketplace in dark brown.
Last one is Lydia in cinnamon.
The next hair is from the Midnight Mania board at Majestic hair.
And this vintage hair is by Raw House and it is a gift in the Dirty Turkey Hunt. You have to look for a bottle.
This great cocktail dress in magenta is the November gift at Jills. The shoes are included. WOW an amazing dress ladies, hop over and get it. But don't forget to look around at the wonderful Jills Design.
The next items are all from Yasum. They have a lot of group gifts all around the store (joining the group is free). They also have a section with freebies. Even the skin and shape are free (and there are many more)


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