Thursday, November 3, 2011

Believe it or not: I forgot the title....

Oh I love jewelry. A nice necklace and earrings and bracelets finish of most of your outfits. I really love this one by Graffiti wear. It is their VIP group gift for November.
Graffiti wear also has a new subscribo gift, a warm berret and scarf. Perfect for the colder fall weather !
And these ovely shoes are a new release by Graffiti wear (NOT free). But great to wear with jeans or with thick panties and a short jeans skirt.
Graffiti wear also has released a very lovely Parisienne set, and it includes a small pipe you can smoke. I feel like walking along the Champs Elysée. (NOT free)
Another very great new release is this autumn outfit by BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich). You can wear it in so many different ways that you feel like you have a whole new fall wardrobe. The cute booties are included. Don't forget to take a lok at the freebie wall at the store (hair).
The next jewelry set is from the Midnight Mania board at Dryad. It has only a goal of 40 clicks, so hop over, invite your friends and click away..and you all will own this lovely butterfly set.
Virtual Insanity has a new group gift, a lovely butterfly set. I am smiling now, because Dryad also has a butterfly set :) Somehow it seems in Fall we miss the butterflies of summer.
The next set is by WTG and it is a gift in the Mushroom hunt. You have to look for a Mario Bros like mushroom and the set is yours :)
Then I found a cute necklace at Ey No, also in the Mushroom hunt. Hop over and find the mushroom ladies. They are quite easy to find !
The next necklace and earrings is also from the Mushroom hunt and I found it at JD Design, The only thing you have to do is find the mushroom in the store :)

And this one is by Pepper. I love the small mushroom at the end of the chain in mouth. Find the mushroom at Pepper.
This piercing is also a gift in the Mushroom hunt, at Pekka this time. Hop over if you like it and find the mushroom.
Another great necklace is the group gift by NuDoLu. Joining the group is free and there are also 2 lucky boards at the store. Below the necklaces you can see what I got from the chairs: a lovely vest and retro jeans. The top is a freebie by Jane.

The cute flats I am wearing with the NuDoLu outfit are a gift in the Mushroom hunt by Tea Time. They hid it well in the mushroom at their store.
These elegant shoes are by Sole Sisters. It is a new release, the buff ones are 99 L$ (for a fatpack of 5 colors) and the white ones are 1 L$. When you are at the store walk around, Sole Sisters has a pair for 1 L$ among almost all their shoes and boots !

I found some more great shoes, these red ones are the new group gift at Mary Jane Shoes. At Mary Jane is a mini hunt going on, 3 pairs of shoes are marked down to 100 L$. It lasts only one day though so you have to be fast.
The next shoes are a little more sporty. They can be found at The Dressing Room. But there is a catch to it: you will find the LEFT shoes in a different store then the RIGHT shoes! Each pack is 1 L$.
If you do not feel like wearing shoes, you can go for the bare feet by JeSyLiLo. They are free IF you find the mushroom from the Mushroom hunt at their store !

Poised has new released boots, and WOW they are to die for ! I am showing you the dark brown ones and the magenta ones. With the magenta boots I am wearing another new release by Poised, a lovely shirt dress in all colors. (NOT free)

Poised has a sale going on at the moment and it is worth to take a look there. Not free but very low priced !
Then I got these cute kittie boots from the Midnight Mania boards at Bitter Bunnies. They have many MM boards and I got 3 times lucky. Look what I got !

The last one for today are 2 dresses I got from the Midnight Mania boards at Snowpaws. Don't forget to look at their mini mania boards and at the many many lucky boards on the wall !! Shoes by Purrtect10, not free.