Monday, November 14, 2011

How about a bit of hunting?

Today you have to work for the free items ladies, so put on those hunting shoes, get your TP finger ready and ....on your way...for the Dirty Turkey Hunt. You have to find a bottle with booze (or without, I am not sure about that even though I tried to drink one..).
The first shop where I landed was Eat Paste. And ohhh this outfit made me feel like whispering: NO AUTHOGRAPHS FANS... I am sooo incognito :)
Glasses are included. So is the skin, a very nice light skin with beautiful make up.
The next store I went to was Wild Serenity, and WOW they have an amazing dress hidden in their bottle !
Then I jumped over to Z&A Waffler for yet another great dress. You understand that I didn't really go to these stores one after another...ofcourse I did the WHOLE hunt from 1 till 109...but for the blog it is nicer this way :)
Another lovely outfit is the one I made from the skirt I found inside the bottle at Blow Up Mainstore. The lovely top is by Yellow Berry. However it is not in the Dirty Turkey hunt but in the SFFH hunt. So you have to look for a pumpkin at Yellow Berry.
I found a very cute sweater inside the bottle at Bubble and I am wearing this sweater with the cute shorts I got from the lucky chair at UniQue.
The same sweater by Bubble goes great with the skirt Insanya put inside their bottle :)
I found a realy cute bag to wear with the nice dresses above or with the sexy pants sets below. It is a gift in the Dirty Turkey Hunt by Leri Miles Design. Go get it ladies !
Then I found quite a lot pants-with-tops-sets in this hunt. The first one is by K2K. Find the bottle at their store and the outfit is yours :)
All the cute booties and shoes below are by BabyMonkey (not free but very affordable). Babymonkey has a sale going on in their discount shop, it is worth to take a look there !
K2K is also participating in the DSL2 hunt. Find the hunt item at their store and these great tennis shoes in 5 colors are yours. They go great with the pants and tops sets!
Kennedy's is also participating in the Dirty Turkey hunt and they also have a top and pants hidden inside the bottle.
The next shop where I found top and pants was Destiny Designs. I love the checkered jacked. Find the bottle ladies and you can wear it.
Another set with pants and top is hidden inside the bottle at Lyrieals. I love the color and I love the details of this set. Hop over to Lyrieals and look for the bottle to get it. Boots are included in the gift.
The next set is by Venus Envy. The only thing you have to do to get it it to TP to the store and find the bottle. Are you tired yet? Oh my...and there is some more hunting to do...
These shoes are included in the Venus Envy gift.
Last pants and top set is by American Bazaar. They have a great set with 2 different tops hidden inside their bottle. The pants are soooo sexy ! Especially from behind.
Then I found just a few very silly things in this Dirty Turkey Hunt. How about this sexy outfit by Winterwood design? The Turkeys are hiding strategicly the intimate parts :)
And these antlers, turkey, strawberry-in-mouth, kisses all over and tail are by Riddlebox. They made me smile so much, they are just plain FUN. Find the bottle at Riddlebox ladies and you can wear all these fun things.
Or how about wearing your heart in a cage on your back? It is a gift by Sweet n Tart in the Dirty Turkey Hunt. The heart is really pounding, I don't know how I actually feel about this gift :)
The last one for today is NOT from any hunt. It is a lovely gown from the Midnight Mania Board at Maktub. Elegant and sexy, what more can you wish for? Invite your friends to click and I hope it will lock for you !