Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who needs new hair if you can get new jewelry ?

Analog Dog has a secret sale going on at their store (some hair is marked down to 0 L$ but you have to find it!) and they also have new hair in their free ball on the beach. The head band of the blond hair is color change, the redish hair has extensions. You can also use the color hud with this hair. It is in the SALE section.

Then I went to Fairy Tail and they have 5 lucky boards, but you have to be a group member to get the lovely jewelry. Joining the group is free ! Next to the lucky chairs are 2 stalls, one with dollarbies and one with group gifst ladies !
These gifts are from the lucky chairs (I wasn't very lucky, I didn;t get them all)

And these are group gifts or dollarbies:

OK I do understand you didnt want hair nor how about 'this skin? It is by Skintimate and it is their new group gift. Joining the group is free.
Not good enough? about outfits? Like this sexy one by BadAzz? I landed there doing the Diamond is Mine (DIM) hunt but they weren't participating. I found however their gift from LAST year...
In the DIM hunt you have to find a diamond. They have great gifts inside, like this lovely gift at Utopia.
Ot like this one at Tres Beau. A lovelyw arm winter outfit, perfect for the time of the year. Find the diamond at Tres Beau and you are warm all winter :)
They say Diamonds are a girls best friend, and they are if you find the one at Bubblez ! This outfit is soo 50th for me ;) They also have a male gift inside the diamond.

Then I went to Sassy and wow they hid a gem inside their diamond !!Go find it girls and you can go dancing in Sassy style :)
I found some more cute winter dresses, this time on MARKETPLACE. This very elegant dress is by Lady J and it is 1 L$. It is called Margaret.
And this one is by DIVA. I love the green shade.
Thalia has a lot of cute items in their Midnight Mania boards, the next 2 outfits I got there.

And the last one for today is a cute skate dress by House of Starlight. It is in a lovely blue shade with elegant sparkles and the skates are free by V Style.

If you are wondering why this blog is so long: I will be away for a few days. Back on sunday. So HAPPY SHOPPING WITHOUT ME FOR A FEW DAYS LADIES !!!

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