Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Precious, Mimi's Choice, Censored and the Mushroom hunt

My Precious by Agnes Finney is a great shop. Agnes makes the most wonderful dresses and gowns and she has a lot of 10 L$ items for group members. I couldn't resist and I bought a few just to show you.

Then I went to Mimi's Choice. I hadn't been there for a while and I was surprised how many gifts are in the store ! There is also a male part for your male friends, so feel free to take them shopping with you.
Below are all the gifts I found. Just walk around the store and keep your eyes open for GIFTS.
This dress is by ALaFolie.
This next outfit is by Prism.
This outfit from the 60th is by Bubble.
And this sexy jacket is by MEB.
This disco dress with fur is by Jador.
These cute booties are by FJ Design.
These color and texture change scarfs are by SF Design.

Noon gives you this great lingerie set. (Pasties not included).
And Sensuelle gives away no less than THREE sexy lingerie sets.

This pearl necklace and earrings are by Tres Beau.
And this necklace is by Gabriel, all at Mimi's Choice.
The last one is a tattoo by Tattanooga.
Censored has made this GREAT blouse for the Tropical Bazaar.
And the Mushroom hunt has started. It starts at I <3 Fashion and this is what is hidden in the mushroom at I <3 Fashion. You can find the blog for this hunt with hints here. You have to find a mushroom kinda like the one in Mario Bros.