Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lots of Gowns, Gwons, Gonws and other typos.

Today just a few very elegant gowns ladies, and ofcourse some more stuff. Please forgive me my typos and bad english, I am not a native english speaker and I do type very fast but not without mistakes.
This first super elegant gown is a 1 L$ offer by Saschas Design on their MARKETPLACE store. If you would like to see more of her design you can find it there too. Please leave a review on the site if you are happy with your new outfits?
What you do is this: CLICK the gown you want to review. Then click REVIEWS below the picture. There is a button: "write a review". Quite easy :)

The next gown will set you back 5 L$. It is a lovely design by Sharodie and it is also available on MARKETPLACE. I especially love the low cut back and the way the gown moves, flowing.

Another great gown is this red one by Majestaties. It will cost you 1 L$, but it is an amazing gown. You can wear it covered up or with a nice cleravace and there is a veil added too.

Seldom Blue has a GREAT black gown in their Marketplace store. Also a lovely pink one, but I blogged that one before. So here is the black gown. The top is amazingly detailed and it is simply an awesome gown :)
I went to Evies Closet and they have a Midnight Mania board with a GREAT gown on it. You get also a cocktail version and a long skirt with ot without trimming around the waist. So hop over to Evies Closet if you like this gown, invite your friends and click away !

Censored has a lovely aniversary gift at their store. I don't know if it is for group members only though. It is a great skin and sape and will be perfect to wear with your lovely gowns.

Censored also has new released earrings, which go GREAT with the gowns. Look below, just showing you 3 options of the earrings (not free).
The next skin is also a great one, this time it is a gift in the Mushroom hunt at Katsucide. Find the mushroom at the store and you will have an excellent skin.
Acide is also participating in the Mushroom hunt and if you find the mushroom there you will get these acorns as a piercing :) Isn't that great for fall?
I found quite a few fun, sexy short dresses on Markerplace ladies and we all know we can't always wear gowns. Short cute dresses are much more wearable, especially when you are hunting :) So let me sshow you a few. Let me know which ones you like best?
This first one is by SU creations and it is a lovely red dress. I styled it with black pearls by Jetcity and the earrings from Censored.
Then I got this pink dress from Ricielli design.  The earrings are, like before, by Censored. An elegant dress to wear to your tea parties or just for shopping.
The next dress is by EC creations and it will cost you 1 L$. Actually it is a Halloween dress, called Sexy witch. It includes a broom, spider tattoo and hat, but if you wear it without all that it is simply a sexy purple dress :) The cute boots and net stockings are included too.
I also found a cute BLUE dress, called Deep blue seduction. It is by TZ and you can find it on Marketplace. I think it is a lovely dress, sexy and seductive and the stockings and gloves are included.
I also found this sexy little thing on Marketplace. It is by BSN and you ahve to pay 1 L$ for this dress. But as hell :)
I found some very cute scarfs to spice up your dresses ladies. They are by RShape and they go great with simple dresses like the ones above.
Last one for today is Indigo Oddities. They have 3 lucky boards on their top floor and close by are a lot of free gifts. The green dress is from their lucky boards, the Hello Kitty one, the black cracks, and the red outfit with hat are free.