Friday, November 4, 2011

Skins and a LOT of clothes.

Let me start with the skins I found in several shops, all participating in the Mushroom hunt. You have to look for a mushroom which looks kinda like the ones you see in Mario Bros.
The first one is by AlVulo. I am showing you the skin on my own shape, but also on the shape I found in the Mushroom hunt at Salt (and) Pepper.

For comparison I am showing you my own shape too.

The next shape is by Anatomy and I am showing it also with the AlVulo skin, both are from the Mushroom hunt.
The next skin is by Divine and it is yours if you find the mushroom at their store. I am showing the skin on my regular shape.
Last skin I found is by Fallin Dolls and again it is from the Mushroom hunt. Thank you skin designers, you were very generous !
Then I found some a lovely tattoo by Nocc. Find the mushroom ladies.
The next  tattoo is also by Nocc. Lovely falling leaves :) They are very light, you have to look closely.
Then I went to Blah where I found a great lingerie set hidden inside the Mushroom :)
KIM has an awesome sexy dress hidden inside the mushroom and I styled it with the scraf I found at Sweet Leonard, also in the mushroom. Can you spot the little squirl on the scarf?

The next top is by VeroModero and the earplugs are a gift in the Mushroom hunt by SAB. Find the mushrooms ladies !

Over to Poison. They have great jeans as a gift in the Mushroom hunt. I am wearing them with the bare foor JeSyLiLo has hidden inside their mushroom and with the fur vest that C'est la Vie chose as a gift for the mushroom hunters.
I styled the Poison jeans and the JeSyLiLo feet also with the top that you can find inside the mushroom at Retro.
It is always so nice to have some accesoiries to wear with your outfits. How about these very cute tote bags by Fear Yourself? Find the mushroom ans YAY two bags for you.
Or find the mushroom at UNA, they have a very special fall backpack bag hidden in their mushroom ! Look at the details, isn't that lovely?
Last one for today is the top by Censored and the pants by Bubble. Both again from the Mushroom hunt and you just have to find the mushrooms at both stores to look fabulous :) The cute flats are also hidden inside the mushroom, this one you can find at Tea Time.