Friday, August 24, 2012

Designer Circle, Baby Monkey shoes and Bitch Tail.

Today just 3 stores ladies so not much hopping around. First of all a few things I didn't blog before which you can find at the Designer Circle. At the Designer Circle a lot of great SL designers offer one or more of thier designs for 100 L$ or less. A great way to get to know the designer and his/her designs and a great way to get some great stuff for a very low price!
Like this make up by Eyelure. They have this lovely full make up at the Designer Circle, called Fall for me.

Eyelure also has this Smoky eye/blush/lip make up at the Designer Circle.
Another shop that has great offers at the Designer Circle is HeadTurners. You get beautiful blushes in a pack of 4 or lovely nails with rings at the Designer Circle ladies.

You could decide to wear these lovely make up above wit the lovely lace dress  by Mu-Shi-Doll and you can find it at the Designer Circle. The lovely bangles are included.
Over to Baby Monkey. Readers that visit my blog on a regular basis will know that I am wearing Baby Monkey shoes often on my blog. Not only because Pixie is a great designer but also because those shoes are so very affordable and they simply look GREAT! Besides that the Baby Monkey group gifts are generous and they have plenty lucky boards at the store too. But the next shoes are all new designs at Baby Monkey, so not free!
All shoes come with an easy to use hud which changes not only the color of the shoes but also the hardware or the anklets.
The name of the shoes/boots is on the picture and I am showing you just a few of the endless options.

Then I went to Bitch Tail. Actually I went there for a hunt but I couldn't find the hunt item at the store. But bevause I was there for a long time I got quite a lot of outfits from their lucky chairs and their questionmark boards. Look below what I got!!!
Bitch Tail have a free gift at the entrance of the store. don't forget to pick that up!


That was it for today ladies. I hope you enjoyed my blog and I wish you: