Monday, August 27, 2012

Gimme a head of hair, long beautiful hair, shining, gleaming , streaming, flaxen waxen...

HAIR...give me down to there hair, shoulder length or longer... they already knew it in the 60th , hair just makes you look right and feel right. So today HAIR on my blog.
First the lovely new releases by Tameless hair. Sorry ladies, new releases are never free, but they are worth every single Linden dollar. Tameless offers their packs of 4 tones of one color for 199 L$ and their hughe megapack with all colors for just 799 L$.
This first hairstyle is called Vivian and it is a beauty...the perfect updo!
The next hairdo is called Despina and it is a lovely Bob. The hairband is color change.
And this last one is called Daisy. I am wearing a hairbase with this hair (also available at Tameless). This hairband is also color change.
I couldn't resist to sneak this one friend Gaea was wearing these great panda bears, which move their paws and head. They are sooo FUNNY !! I instantly fell in love with them and I found out they are from a Gatcha machine at D-Lab. 30 L$ for each try girls...The elegant Scottish tartan dress is called Seonaid and it is by Sascha's Design (299 L$ with several skirt ans top options)
The next hair is by Hinako and it is their newest group gift.

Over to Battle Angel. They have 4 lucky duckies (yes, you have to sit on a duck to get the hair) and 6 Midnight Mania boards. This is what I got there.

The last one for today is Alli & Ali hair. Every Friday they change their group gifts and their voting gifts and these are the ones for this week. Don't wait too long to get them ladies !
The Cara group gift hair is also available for Petites.

There is also an action wall where group members get a 50% discount if they are wearing their tag! You can find all colors of Riha hair, Giana Hair and Shorty hair on this wall.

Alli & Ali hair have a lot of free gifts on their Marketplace store. The offers are for a limited time, so again: do not wait too long to get them or they might be gone! The names are linked to Marketplace.
Cara hair PINK.
Hayden hair mixed brown.

Alison hair mahogany.
Lillie hair strawberryblond.
Chloe hair goldbrown.