Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I got a car....and I did some hunting

And it is a beauty! I found this cute car, which is driveable, on Marketplace and I simply LOVE it. Such a fun little number and there is an option where you can change the color. The car is by ZMO autoworks and it is called Classic 43S GT.
With this car I am wearing a cute leather jacket (mesh) by Ironside Armaments, which is also free. The jeans are a part of a set, called Tartan ripped Jeans set by FA Creations. The cute shoes are by Baby Monkey.

With this sexy outfit I am wearing very sexy hair by Tameless. It is a new release and it is called Delilah. WOW I love this hair, wavey, hippie, boho, whatever you name it, it is simply GREAT hair. A pack with 4 tones of one color is 199 L$, a fatpack with all colors is 799 L$.
I also found some great new make-up by Eyelure. This set is called Jellylips & lashes and you can find it on Marketplace for 50 L$ or in the Eyelure manistore.
And this set is called Flirt and you get 4 full make up layers. You can find it in the Eyelure mainstore or on Marketplace for 60 L$.
Eyelure also has a great Kiss& Make up teeshirt at the store. I am wearing the Dirty.Little.Secret Boyfriend jeans with this shirt, which is a daily price board gift at the store. The price boards change, so there might be something else on them, but it is always worth to click !
Paris Metro has a GREAT new gown as a gift at the Sunburst club. WOW what an amazing gown ladies...If you do not land right, just take a look around for the hughe Paris Metro sign.
Then I got these cute shoes to wear with your gowns and dresses. They are the newest subscribo gift by Hucci.
And these shoes are the newest subscribo gift by ChOoOz.
The next boots are from the NightPrize board at Inspired Design.
Then I did some hunting. I started the Sexy Bish hunt (SBH) and I found a page wint hints & links HERE. It is very helpfull if you are looking for a red lollipop at the participating stores!
I found this sexy sheer shirt at the Slut Shop, hidden inside that red lollipop. The bandaid pasties are included.
The Slut Shop also has 2 Midnight Mania boards and I got this cute dress and the blindfold from those boards, so don't forget to click them while you are there!
Over to Valentine Templates. They have these sexy tops hidden inside their lollipop. The pasties are not included.
I found quite a lot of tops in this hunt. This great corset is by MeShit and it is your if you can find the lollipop at their store.
And this cute top is by 1Hundred also hidden inside a red lollipop.
Another store that is participating in the Sexy Bish hunt is BlahBlahBlah and if you find the lollipop there you will get this sexy outfit.
Sweet & Slutty also has a great sexy gift hidden inside their lollipop of the Sexy Bish hunt. Check the hint page for hints in this hunt ladies.
Over to the last one for today, Aidoru. They have this cute hat as a gift for you if you can locate that red lollipop at their store!