Saturday, August 11, 2012

Think PINK

Today a blog all in pink. I did this color theme a lot when I first started blogging but lately I didn't get around to making a complete red, blue or pink blog. So let me show you what I found in PINK. All items are from MARKETPLACE.

This first lovely dress is by Feyline Fashions and the dress is called Fesca. A lovely summer dress. Not completely pink but it will get better..I hope.
These elegant shoes by Felicia Design are pink and they will go great with the Fesca dress above! And with all other lovely dresses in pink I found.
You could wear these lovely pink shoes with the My cute pants fatpack of 5 by No Limits and the cute knotted top by FBD, which you can wear in 3 styles.

I also styled the pants with a top by Pinkie.
This cute set is by Yesss and it is called Pretty in pink. It comes with lots of top options.
The next pants & top outfit including the lollipop is by Obsession4Perfection. It is their PINK group gift. I styled the set with hair in pink by Febe ( 1 L$) and lovely sandals by PGB (no longer available, sorry). I found some similar sandals HERE though for 10 L$.

I am wearing the Febe hair and the PGB sandals with a complete avatar by Delish called Lauren. The dress and all is included. Showing you my own shape (r) and the included shape (l).
And I am wearing the Febe hair and the PGB sandals with another complete avatar by Delish called Tisha. Showing you my own shape (r) and the included shape (l).
And this cute mini dress is by Snooks and you get 2 colors (10 L$ for this set).

Another cute mini dress is this one by Gloria, called Flora summer dress.
1 L$ for this dress.
And this dress is by Hudsons and it is called Antique floral dress.
This dress is by Badoura designs, called Gwen (1 L$),  and the lovely necklace is by Yanaroxx (necklace cherry rose - 1 L$).
Primrose has this lovely Signature style dress on Marketplace.
And this dress is called Dotty Magenta and it is by QL. Shoes are included.
This very sexy dress is by BDR and it is called nightfever. Not quite pink but close enough.
Aperture has this cute (black and pink) bikini with shoes for just 1 L$ on Marketplace.
And if you like the business woman or secretary look, this is THE outfit for you. It is by Viviane Fashion, called Alexa. You can wear it with pants or with a pencil skirt. 1 L$ for this complete outfit.

This outfit is called Punk Princess and it is by KB. You can also wear the cute love Tee shirts by Futterwacken with the pants of this outfit.

Over to some PINK hair...this hair is by Edelstore and the short straight hair is called Fedra, the long curly one is called Ascha. I colored the Ascha hair pink in EDIT-Textures-color.

To end this blog I will show you which pink GOWNS I found on Marketplace. This first gown is by MFg, formal pink gown and the lovely jewelry is by Two Sisters, called Rose pink evening set. (10 L$).
I am wearing the Rose pink evening set with the Viviane Celeste gown too. 1 L$ for this lovely gown.
This gown is by Fashion Collection and it is called pink gown plunger lace. 2 L$ for this gown. The jewelry is the Pink Rose set by Two sisters.
The last one is by Feyline Fashions and it is called Rose Marie gown. It is free. Perfect for role playing.