Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some more Designer Circle and some hunting to do!

The Designer Circle has started its 35th round and you can get so many great designs at their store for 100 L$ or less. Nothing is over 100 L$ so why don't you take a look there? You might find something you really like, like this cute bandage dress by Pink Cherry! It is a lovely dress and the bangles are included for just 95 L$ at the Designer Cirle store.
And this cute bikini with pareo set (the bikini has 3 different tops) is also by Pink Cherry at the Designer Circle. It is for sale for just 95 L$. You can get a black or a pink one.
Another great designer at the Designer Circle is P.I.X.X.I.S. THey have 2 great dresses for sale at the Designer Circle. Both are called Peacock dress and you can get a red or a green one. The elegant peacock leg tattoo is also available at the Designer Circle. The dresses are 95 L$ each, the tattoo is 1 L$.

The next outfit is also available at the Designer Circle and it is by Lola. The outfit is called Yummie ice and you get the complete outfit and the jewelry. The shoes are not included they are by N-Core (not free).
Just one more from the Designer Circle ladies, the beautiful  Klea skins by Step Inside. They comes in 3 skintones and with each tone you get 2 cleavage options. You get one skin tone for 99 L$ at the Designer Cicrle ladies.

Over to somthing completely different. The Sexy Bish hunt. This hunt runs till August 31st so you still have time to find that red lollipop at the participating stores! You can find a hint and link page HERE which is very helpful.
I went to Syrenz Shadow to find the lollipop and YAY I got it! Inside was this very cute outfit as a gift! The hat is included, the shoes are by BabyMonkey.
GraffitiWear has this elegant golden dress as a gift in the Sexy Bish hunt. Find the lollipop at their store and it is yours! The shoes are included, so is the lip piercing.
Then I hopped over to The Madness Within. If you find the lollipop there this sexy little red dress with the stockings is yours. The cute hair is the newest release by Tameless, called Isabelle (not free, a pack of one hair color in 4 tones is 199 L$)
And if you find the red lollipop at Pixel Snobs you can wear this fun dress when you go shopping or hunting!
Another sexy dress is hidden inside the lollipop at Sugar & Cyanide. You just have to find it to get this dress.
Then I went to  J&A Fashion and they have this fun pink outfit inside their red lollipop from the Sexy Bish hunt. You get a lollipop with animation too ! If you have trouble finding the lollipops ladies just look a the HINT  page!
The next dress is by Nocturnal Needs and you can find it inside their lollipop from the Sexy Bish hunt. The shoes are included.
These lovely tops are by The Slave Dressing Room and all you have to do is look for that red lolipop at their store. You get 3 different colors (mesh).
Earthly Delights has a special gift inside their lollipop ladies. You get a beautiful gown with several skirt options...but is it so beautiful when you look closely? Only if you like spiders! You also get a sexy bikini with or without a spider.
The next outfit is by Cats Custom Creations. It is a lovely black pants & top set and you will find it inside their red lollipop. The poses are the Sexy Bish Hunt gift by Purple Poses and you also have to find the red lollipop at their store to get these poses!
I found quite a lot of sexy outfits in the hunt, like this one by Hotstuff. Find that lollipop and you get the bikini, the skin  and the jewelry.
Ostentatious also has a very sexy outfit hidden in their lollipop. What do you think ofthis sexy lingerie set?
Over to some more lingerie, this time by Carries Lingerie. They are also participating in the Sexy Bish hunt and this is what you get if you find their lollipop, including the tattoo. The pasties are not included.
The next shop I went to is This & That. They have hidden this sexy leopard bikini inside their red lollipop ladies so if you feel like swimming or just parading in your new bikini start hunting!
I saved a very sexy outfit for last: this very sexy number is by Karamelis Design and you can find it inside their red lollipop. The jewelry and piercings are included. The shoes are by LaRosa (199 L$ but color and texture change).
But you cannot find only clothes in this hunt, you can also find a very elegant arm tattoo. That is if you find the lollipop at Brogan Cael Design. Pasties not included.
The last one is a beautiful necklace and earrings set which is the gift at Baglady Design. So go find that lollipop ladies and thank you designers for your lovely gifts.