Friday, August 3, 2012

Let me whisper a dirty little secret in your ear...

[Dirty.Little.Secret] is a great store ladies. I blogged them before (HERE and HERE), they have PLENTY free gifts at the store. But what I didn't see, untill Tash Porthos told me, is that almost everything at the store is 10 L$ or less ! And Tash makes such lovely clothes...soooo hard to resist. They come in standard colors so you can mix and match everyting !
Look what I got!
These MESH dresses are called Bubble dress, but you can also wear them with pants, jeans or a legging.
You can also wear these cute suspender socks or suspender tigh highs with this fun Bubble dress. They are free and come in a lot of colors (the tigh highs too, just showing you 2 colors).

And here you see love letter leggings and a shrug shoulder shirt in the standard colors.
I am wearing the shrug shoulder shirt with striped shorts (all mesh).
These are the MESH skinny jeans by [Dirty.Little.Secret], the Swing tops (also mesh) and the very cute Top Tooled flats. The cute bag is the Huntington bag by Fleshtone (previous hunt gift) and the elegant jewelry is by Fairy Tailz (shop closed).
And these are the balloon pants and the flutter tops by [Dirty.Little.Secret].
If you are more into dresses...(and did I tell you ALL thse lovely dresses, tops, pants are MESH and they are all 10 L$? And all MESH items are on the 3rd floor HERE) you can get these lovely dresses called Butterfly sun dress.
More formal? Why don't you get these elegant gowns called Halterdress?
And Tash also created a whole series of hippie clothes. You get great jeans and lots of different hippie tops :) You can even get a My Boyfriends Jacket! The flats are also Hippie flats.
Last one for today by [Dirty.Little.Secret] ...a beautiful collection of clothes called Cinderellas new clothes...Thank you so much Tash :) I love them all.
Over to The Rebel Playground hunt. You have to find a small childrens tricycle at the participating stores. The hunt runs till July 31st, so it actually ended, but the gifts are still there (I checked).
If you find the tricycle at Feather you get this lovely hair. It will go great with the outfits above !
And if you find the gift at DownDownDown you get this sweet sand play necklace!
I landed at Hairshop Nodoka for the next gift in this hunt but the hunt item was gone. I got this great hair from their lucky boards though (the top pic), and I got 2 lovely group gifts (joining is free).

 I also found some great outfits on MARKETPLACE ladies. This first one is by Yesss and it is called Sunny. The tattoo is included. The shoes are by Baby Monkey.
And this summer dress with hat is by Arya Boutique and it is called Beach wear.
This cute green cocktail dress is also by Arya Boutique and it is called La Carmine dark green. It is 1 L$.
To wear with these lovely summer dresses you could go for the elegant sandals by Patula's House. They are called Summer Gold sweet sandals and they are 1 L$.