Friday, August 31, 2012

PC Problems

Dear readers,

At the moment I am working on an ancient PC (with an ancient non-mesh version of the Phoenix viewer and an ancient Photoshop version and without all my files). I cannot update it as the graphic card is too old to run a newer version.
My new PC has a Trojan on it which I cannot remove. It is back at the manufacturer at the moment and untill I get it back the blogs will be short and not really the quality you are used to. My appologies.

I hope you still will enjoy my blog.

Today a few skins (yes again skins). This first one is a new release by WoW skins and it is called Cathia and it is for Stuff in stock. You can find this Cathia skin HERE for 80 L$. This skin is beautiful, soft and elegant and I love it like all WoW skins!  I love the little Lick me tattoo on the lower lip (you also get a version without tattoo).

The next skins are free, they are from the lucky chairs at Censored. You need a group tag to get them but joining the group is free!. Some of the skins come with tattoo or lipstick layers.

The next 4 outfits are gifts in hunts Vero Modero is participating in. 
The first outfit is the gift in the Too cool for school hunt. This hunt starts on September 7th. You can find all info HERE.
The next outfit by Vero Modero is the gift in the SHH hunt (Summer Harvest hunt). This hunt starts on Septembet 1st and ends on September 21st.  
Vero Modero is also participating in the Top Shelf Sale hunt. and this hunt starts on September 1st and runs till September 30th. You are looking for a cocktail glass.
The last outfit is the Vero Modero hunt gift in the TSD hunt (the Sims Kids Hunt). This hunt also starts on September 1st and ends on September 30th even though the sign says 31st...September really has only 30 days. You are looking for a green diamond thing (look on the hunt poster at the store).