Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's Saturday

Today is Saturday and I have some reat things for you if you feel like some Second Life shopping. Or hunting. But I will first start with the lovely 60 L$ items I found at Sascha's Design. Each week 2 Sixty Linden Offers are released and this week they are awesome. You can chose the lovely Marcee in purple, a beautifull  gown. I am wearing the beautiful August group gift by WoW skins with this gown. The skin is called Dalila and the lovely hair I am wearing is Delilah by Tameless (not free).
Or you can grab the fun beach outfit called Lillie Tearose. You get a lovely babydoll dress and a bikini and a hip wrap all for just 60 L$ at Sascha's Design.
Sascha's Design also has a Midnight Mania board for the time being and you can get these 3 great tops if the board closes. So get your friends over and start clicking! I am wearing the fun lollipops from Asylum with these tops. You get a lot of different color lollipops with animation as a gift.
Asylum also has these free sneakers at their store (look below the tops).
Another shop that has great 60 L$ offers is SLC (Serina LaCava Creations). They have tese lovely Dyana Party dresses for just 60 L$ each. There are plenty colors to chose from, with pearls or with lace!

The next cute dress is a mesh dress by RA creations and you can fidn it on Marketplace. The dress is called Summer dress. It is a wearable demo.
This next dress is also a mesh dress and it is by Clarity Creations. It is their gift in the AHH2 (August Heath Hunt) hunt. You have to find a globe to get this lovely gift.
Some more hunting? I found this great outfit at Wolf Design and it is their gift in the Fashion Frenzy Hunt. You have to find a purple and white star to get this great outfit girls but it is not that hard to find ! The shoes are by Baby Monkey (new release, not free).
This lovelu clutch is the gift in the Fashion Frenzy hunt by Baglady Design. Again you have to find a purple and white star to get this great clutch. The teeshirt and leggings are a freebie by Jane (comes in all colors).
Then I went to Club Guccii and next to it is Regina Design. I found a few great freebies there, a lovely white zebra dress including a bag, a sexy short & top set and a lovely lace dress including tattoos which was just 1 L$ in all colors!.

My friend Mrokness told me about the cute Gatscha machines at Honey Kitty. The Gatschas are 44 L$ for each try for the flats or 40 L$ for each try for the necklaces. There are many more Batscha machines, so go have a look! Thanks Mrokness !

Over to some Marketplace Shopping. I found this great summer dress by Viviane Fashion on Marketplace. I love the vintage feel! The dress is called Geli and you can get it for just 1 L$.
The next outfit (pants and a long and a short top) is by Yanissa and you can get it for 10 L$. I am wearing the cute tote bag by IPuke with it, which is also available on Marketplace for just 1 L$.
I also found some cute jewelry on Marketplace, like these big black earrings, which would go great with the Viviane dress above. They are by Miss Jewel and you get the black teeshirt too.
You can also wear this black and white choker with the Viviane dress. It is by Byoux Rachela and you can find it on Marketplace.
Then I got these LOVE earrings by Saldalbari on Marketplace. They are soo much fun to wear with all your lovely outfits!
Sadalbari also has a stunning necklace on Marketplace for free. WOW I love that one !
And last but not least I got this beautiful necklace with bracelet by Earendill.