Sunday, August 26, 2012

From Petite to Rockchick.

I bet you all have seen those tiny avatars called petite or Minikin? They are ever so cute ! I have been looking for a free one and then i found 2 free Minikins at Caverna Obscura. You can find them on Marketplace HERE or HERE or at their Second Life store and they are totally free. They come in 2 sizes, 0.3 and 0.4.
You get the shape, the eyes, the skin.

At the store you can also find 4 boxes on the floor with clothing (mesh).
I quickly found out that they come without the hair, so I asked Nita Bracken from Tameless hair if she had some mini or petite hair. And to my great surprise she has a whole RANGE of hair for petites! Thank you so much Nita! (the hair is not free).
I am wearing the Tameless petite hair on all the pics below.
I wanted to find some more clothes for my petite avatar so I walked along Marketplace to get a tiny wardrobe. I have to say I couldn't find much for free, but there were a few nice thins, like this beige outfit by Angel Rae. You get a skirt, a top and shorts.
I also found some jeans but allas they didn't fit my petite. You can find them here. What I did find were some great polka dotted tops and they are by Petite Boadicea.

 I also found a cute white dress, which is by SPC and you have to pay 1 L$ for it. The cute mushroom umbrella is free. I also found a cute flower hat for 1 L$ HERE.
Over to ADN. I have blogged them before but they have changed all items in their lucky chairs and in their questionmark boards. So if you like these outfits below, hop over to ADN and stand at their lucky chairs for a while or just play the questionmark boards (which is what I mainly did). All shoes, jewelry, glases are included. The hair I am wearing is a previous gift by Creative's hair (doesn't exist anymore).