Saturday, August 4, 2012

So many things to blog and so little time!

You won't believe how many things I want to blog and you won't believe how busy I am in RL this weekend! I am sure going to give it a try to get everything on my blog today or tomorrow. But if I don't succeed, no worries, there will be other days !
Let me start with the Member Appreciation Hunt at Bliss Couture. You can find 10 hunt items at the store and each one contains a lovely gift. You can find hats, skirts, a top, earrings, hair, earrings and make up! Let me show you what you can find ladies: this lovely mesh top and mesh skirt.
I am wearing the beautiful Venus skin in fair (make up #2) today on my blog, it is a Diamond Avatar creation and they are having a hughe sale (look below).
Or this elegant flower skirt ! (the top is not included)
Or these 2 cute hats.

You can even find this make-up and the lovely chain earrings.
And last but not least this FUN hair.
And what are you looing for? For this:
Aidoru has brought out a very sexy new dress. As it is a new release it will be on sale for just 80 L$ this week, after that you will have to pay 90 L$.
Yesterday I blogged the sale ay WoW skins and today I am going to blog the hughe sale at Diamond Avatar! 50% off everything at the store ladies, that includes skins and shapes ! Let me show you a few examples of the lovely skins by Diamond Avatar. I am showing you Katia and Shila in sunkissed and Venus in fair, but all skins come in several skin tones.

While you are at Diamond Avatar don't forget to take a look at their group gift (joining the group is free). You will get this lovely dark skin! The wired jewelry is by Acid & Mala (was an older gift).
Over to SLC (Serina Lacava Creations). They have this great 60 L$ weekend offer! The lovely Tinke Mesh dresses in aall colors and textures! Just 60 L$ but only this weekend ! (showing you just 3 examples).

The Vintage Fair has started and one of the particiapnts is Addiction Jewelry. They have this beautiful Amethyst Beloved set at the fair, and they also have these very fun Romance comic necklaces at the Vintage Fair with prints of old comic on the hanger.

Last one for today is Jamman Jewels & Accesoires. They are participating in the Pink Ribbon fair and you can get these necklaces, bracelets and nails (with color and texture change hud) and support Pink Ribbon at the same time !