Friday, August 10, 2012

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

Today an old fashioned messy blog with just things I got here and there, but which are all great offers. Or just great finds. Like this hunt price at Dirty.Little.Secret. They are participating in the A Walk to Remember hunt and info about this hunt is HERE. The hunt starts on August 15th and runs till September 15th so you have plenty time to find all the lovely gifts. And if you find the hunt item at Dirty.little.Secret you get all what I am showing you below. WOW!

Another hunt that starts on the 15th of August is the If I were rich hunt. You have to find a gold coin in this hunt. Details can be found HERE. Vero Modero is participating in this hunt and if you find the gold coin at their store you will get this lovely gown.
This sexy lingerie set and the beautiful gown are group gifts at Kastle Rock. They are not to miss ladies, joining the group is free. Besides if you wear your group tag at the store you can win one of the store cards that are given out randomly to group members.

Then I got these cute capri pants by NS. They are just 50 L$ and they are awesome! I styled them with the boots I got from the lucky chair at Malfean Visions (MV) - thank you Kayt for the TP! And with a cute black and white top which is the hunt gift in the SBH hunt at Chineko. You have to find a red lollipop in this hunt. The jewelry is from the XY room and it is by Smexy (99 L$)

This beautiful hair is a new release by Tameless. I simply love their hair as you all can see on my blog. I wear the Tatiana hair all the time and the lovely updo by Tameless is called Sophia (which I also wear all the time). But this hair is called Alexia and it is HALF Mesh. The tail is mesh and by using mesh only for the tail the hair still has that lovely movement. 199 L$ for a pack of 4 colors, and the mega pack with all colors is 799 L$.
The next hair is also by Tameless and it is from their LUCKY CHAIRS. So take your time to look at those chairs ladies, the letters change every 5 minutes.

Over to the Sexy Bish hunt. This hunt started on the 1st of August and it ends on the 31st. You can find the details HERE. You have to look for a red lollipop at the participating stores and if you find that lollipop at Bacadilucia you will get this great mesh top with short pants (on my avatar you cannot see them, but I really am wearing them!).
Another store which is participating in the SBH is Irrisistible Shop. They give you this great beach summer outfit (with Flipflops!) if you find the lollipo.
Irrisistible Shop is also participating in the Grim Brothers meet 2012 hunt and you have to find an apple to get this Snowwhite outfit.Skin and hair are included.
The next shop for me was Chineko. They have this great top in black and white hidden in their red lollipop. And I am wearing a pair of cute pants in black and red with this top, which is the hunt item in the SBH at The Slut shop.
I found some more tops to wear with this cute pair of pants, at Hollipocket. They are hidden inside the red lollipop from the go find it ladies if you want these tops.

Or you can hop over to Kennedy's and look for the lollipop there...inside you will find this great green mesh top.
Over to Brandy's Boutique where you get this lovely outfit IF you can find the red lollipop at their store !
And the last one for today is this sexy outfit by Lusty's. It is their hunt price in the SHB hunt ladies...good luck in your hunting!