Sunday, August 5, 2012

I got a feeling....

...that tonight is gonna be a good night..that tonight is gonna be a good good night....I am listening to the Black eyed Peas song...HERE. And I am trying to make a good good blog for you.
So let me start with Kakia. They are retiring many of their old designs and Faye Feldragonne is so generous to give all old designs away for FREE! I have no clue how long they will be there, so hop over fast and read the hughe sign...HUGS to you Faye and I hope this week will be a week filled with sunshine for you. If not outside, at least in your heart!
Below a few examples of what I got there (but there is so much that I cannot blog it all). Kakia on the roof !

My friend Mrokness Viper, owner/designer of Oh Shoot, has designed some really CUTE MESH dresses, called Gateau. You can find them on Marketplace for just 39 L$ each, which is a steal for these cute dresses! Look below how they look on me :)
There is a wearable DEMO available too.
The elegant Wire jewelry is by Acid & Mala (older gift). The cute tote bag is a group gift by CoCo Design. The blue bag is a 10 L$ item from Magi Take.

You could decide to stand at the lucky chairs at Malfean Vision for a while and get one or more of their great shoes to wear with these cute dresses ! I got two !
Over to ChOoOz. They have a great new group gift, these elegant boots !!
Or you can go to Viviane Fashion and get one or more of her great new Party sneakers! NEW Release so not free.
The next top is the newest group gift by Baiastice. I am wearing the cute lace top with the jeans I got from Hucci. It is their subscribo gift.
Hairshop Hinako has 2 new lucky board hairs. And not only that, they also have released the fun CLIP hair. The 2 pink hairstyles are in their lucky boards.

Then I found some really nice things on Marketplace ! Like this elegant gown by Bliss Couture. The gown is called Payne gown and it is just 10 L$.
Or this Liwen Black inspiration gown. Which you can get for just 1 L$.
Or you can go for these cute Bo-Peep dresses in pink or blue by JIM. 2l$ for these cute dresses.
 This last dress is by Soulglitter and it is called denim mesh dress. 1 L$ for this dress ladies.